Victim In Councilman Greene Scandal Speaks

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 19:24:08-05

She was beaten to within inches of her life and says that Metro City Councilman Loniel Greene tried to keep her from testifying in court against the man charged with the crime.

The 31-year-old victim has been placed into protective custody following the alleged assault by Greene’s cousin, Tavares Buchanan, on Christmas Day last year. Buchanan and the victim were in a six years long relationship and have three children together.

“I’m gonna die, that’s all I kept thinking. I don’t understand. He (Buchanan) cut my hair, he beat me, told me I was low … when he pulled out the gun I thought I was really gonna die,” she told NewsChannel 5 in an exclusive interview on the condition her name not be made public.

She eventually fled to a domestic violence shelter with her three young children after contacting the police. But after documents surfaced on Thursday alleging Councilman Greene would “deal with her,” the 31-year-old says she feels like she’s been dealt another devastating blow.

“I think charges should be brought against Loniel Greene.  It’s hurtful because I just didn’t expect it from him. I trusted Loniel,” she said passionately.

Buchanan is currently out on bond and documents show the surety on Buchanan’s bond was paid by Councilman Greene.

The victim says after news reports aired on Thursday night detailing recorded phone calls from jail between Greene and Buchanan in which they appear to discuss trying to keep her from testifying, she felt compelled to come forward publicly.

“I didn’t think he (Councilman Greene) was out to hurt me (until) yesterday. He violated my trust, he broke my heart. He shouldn’t have gotten involved. Don’t flip the blame to me like I did something wrong,” she added.

The Davidson County District Attorney has opened an investigation into allegations of questionable conduct by Loniel Greene Jr. on Thursday afternoon, after information surfaced showing he may have lied under oath about having money to pay for Buchanan’s bond.

Greene is no stranger to the spotlight after he was shot in West Nashville by two teenagers in November of last year. Greene dodged questions from media during his recovery, but told police he approached the shooter because he thought he was a relative.

Greene is not accused of a crime in this case.

The District Attorney discovered that Greene told a judge he would pay for Tavarus Buchanan's bond, but then admitted in recorded phone calls that he didn’t.

Buchanan said, “Do you got enough money to say, you say everything good?” Greene replies, “Hell no I'm on my last 3500 right now.”

Greene said to Buchanan during one of their calls, “Don't say too much on the phone. I got you. But listen, let this be a lesson…If she willing to do this to you, to put the while folks to you, you don't deserve this…I'm gonna deal with her.”

In another call Greene said, ”But see, she gonna have to be shut down ... yeah I'm gonna deal with her. Because this is the problem, see with her, she wants to be, she think she smart. So Iet me do what I 'm gonna do.”

Greene went on to tell him in another call, “Cuz this game you try to play. You try to play the system, mother f***** I am the system.”

The victim told NewsChannel 5 that Councilman Greene tried contacting her again on Thursday night following news reports about the allegations but she did not return his calls for fears of her own safety.

“You call me and add to my pain and add to my pain. The people who voted him into office, I think they are already concerned,” she added.

The court documents also point out that the two men were hiding a source of money.

In a call Buchanan said, “You can use some of that money I got up in the what-you-call-it.”

To read the full motion to revoke bond, and the complete jailhouse call log click here. WARNING, the calls contain harsh language.

NewsChannel 5's Chris Conte confronted the Councilman about his involvement multiple times at last week's city council meeting, but he would not comment.

The victim says she hopes justice in both cases will be served.

“But he (Greene) was never a city councilman, in my eyes he was a family man. He was my family so it’s deeper, everybody else is looking at the government official, the role model but for me it’s deeper than just a community man letting me down. To me this is a family member that let me down.”