Victim Shoots Accused Robber

Posted at 7:14 PM, Dec 07, 2015

Police said two victims lured from Alabama through a Craigslist ad to sell stereo equipment end up shooting at the accused armed robbers who police said tried to steal the electronics.

Officials with the Murfreesboro Police Department said they've seen it before. The victims were lured through a Craigslist ad, and threatened at gunpoint.

It happened on Courtland Avenue in Murfreesboro around noon Saturday.

"One person had been shot at least twice," said Sergeant Kyle Evans.

It all started with the Craigslist ad, which was, in this case, some high end stereo equipment was up for sale.

The buyers contacted the sellers in Guntersville, Alabama arranging for them to drive up to Murfreesboro to make the sale.

"This was a set-up from the word go," said Sgt. Evans. The meeting happened in a quiet downtown neighborhood

Police said these three suspects met the two men from Alabama and one pulled a gun, planning to rob them.

"The individuals who came to sell the equipment came armed and they came ready to defend themselves should something like this occur," said Evans.

Right there, in broad daylight, the victims fought back. Later questioned by police one  of them "stated that he believed he would be shot if he didn't act and therefore, armed himself with the weapon from his waist ... and he fired until his magazine was empty; nine rounds."

Two of them hit 23-year-old Deviyon Smith, a convicted felon. Police found him bleeding in the street and he was rushed to the hospital.

The two victims drove away from the scene, and then called 911 to file a full report. Police said they acted in self-defense when confronted by the three accused robbers.

"They had no intentions of legally purchasing, but robbing them of their belongings," said Evans.

All three suspects: Smith, Rorrie Scales and Conteshio Lawrence were charged with aggravated robbery.

Police have warned everyone to beware when making a sale online and meeting a buyer or seller. They urged the public to make transactions in public places, the lobby of a police department was a good place to start.