Video Shows Minutes Before And After Cyclist Was Hit

Posted at 7:31 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 20:31:31-04

The man who was recorded the viral video of a cyclist being hit by a motorist on the Natchez Trace Parkway has given NewsChannel 5 access to video of the ride both before and after the moment of impact.

Warning: The video contains graphic language.

On Saturday, July 8, Greg Goodman was cycling on the Trace with 23-year-old Tyler Noe. Goodman is an Ironman finisher and was helping Noe train for his own competition.

"Saturday was the first time Tyler had cycled on the Trace and the first time he'd been on a bike since he was a kid," Goodman said.

For miles before the impact, video recorded by a GoPro on Goodman's helmet shows the two riding both single file and side-by-side. Tennessee state law allows both on the Natchez Trace Parkways, and signs are posted to warn drivers that cyclists may use the entire lane.

Depending on Noe's speed and momentum, he sometimes comes up on Goodman's right or left, but also falls behind him at times.

Just before Noe is hit, he and Goodman pass a third cyclist, riding single file while passing the man.

Minutes later, the video recorded a vehicle honking. A white truck passes Goodman and Noe, followed by a black Volvo that slams into Noe.

"At that moment I thought Tyler was dead," Goodman said. "I was amazed he was standing.

NewsChannel 5 agreed to blur Noe in the video that follows the crash because the impact shredded his clothes.

"It literally ripped his pants off," Goodman said. "And all you see when he turns around is black and blue and blood."

The cyclist the two passed earlier stopped to help Noe while Goodman calls 911. Meanwhile, the Volvo's break lights never even flicker.

Today, Noe is recovering.

"I could be feeling better," Noe said. "I'm on bed rest and have to stay stationary for a while."

Noe said he plans to get back on a bike in the future.

Goodman said a local bike shop has offered to get Noe a new bike and cycling groups have offered to organize group rides with him once he's able to get back on the road.