Video Shows Thief Stealing From Thief At Car Wash

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jun 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-09 01:54:25-04

WINCHESTER, Tenn. - It was a strange case of a thief stealing from a thief as two crooks ended up with a pile of cash and coins, but then one took more than his share.

It was all caught on security video, which police said they hope leads to an arrest.

The video showed one suspect running with a heavy basket full of $600 worth of stolen quarters, but that was small compared to the large bills he left behind with his partner.

Just moments earlier the two suspects had broken into this Winchester car wash.

"The door right here was actually bent like a horseshoe," said R.J. Cable, whose family owns the car wash.

The thieves went right for the money box.

"That's where they pried it off. They broke welds off. This was welded right to there," said Cable showing the damage.

This gave them access to hundreds of dollars in cash.

While one suspect was loading all the quarters into their car, his partner remained in the building.

He knew he had a few seconds alone, so he collected up all the bills and set just a few aside for his buddy. Then he stuffed the bulk of the cash into his shoe.

"He's taking what he thinks he deserves," said Cable who believed the one suspect was stealing from the other. "That's what it looks like."

Seconds later his accomplice came running back wanting his share, so he went looking for it.

His partner pointed him to the small pile, and he pocketed it none the wiser.

"He left just a few dollars for his partner, not even half of what he took," observed Cable.

Cable said he hopes the one thief sees this video and goes after the other.

As the two left the scene one pulled the mask from his face while still on camera.

Police said they hope that helps lead to a quick identification.

Detectives said they believe the culprits were local. They knew where to go and what to look for at the carwash.

Authorities asked anyone with tips to contact the Winchester Police Department.