Vigil Held For MTA Bus Shooting Victim

Posted: 5:45 PM, Nov 28, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-29 04:09:59Z
Vigil Held For MTA Bus Shooting Victim

A vigil was held to remember an 18-year-old killed in a shooting on a MTA bus in Madison.

Tyvonceea Hayden was killed Monday when he was shot by another 18-year-old on the bus.

Victim Dies After MTA Bus Shooting In Madison

Dozens of people gathered at the candlelight vigil to honor Hayden. 

Several photos of Hayden were on display at the emotional vigil.

Family members said Hayden never got in trouble, had lots of friends, and was very generous.  They said it was difficult to understand how this tragedy happened.

“He was a handsome boy, and he was loved,” said Monica Howse, Hayden’s cousin.  “Why would somebody to it to him?  What made you hate him so bad to even do that?”

Metro police said the shooting occurred around noon Monday as a MTA bus traveled in-bound on Gallatin Pike at East Webster Street.  Hayden and Antonio Jones had boarded the bus a short time earlier outside the Madison Library.  Witnesses said a few words were exchanged between the two men before the shooting.  After shots were fired, the bus pulled over at the Gallatin Pike. Due West Avenue stop.

Jones, 18, and his girlfriend ran away from the bus in opposite directions.  Jones later surrendered at the East Precinct.  He is charged with criminal homicide.

Metro police said the two men were acquaintances and Hayden had been dating one of Jones’ family members.  

A spokesperson for MTA said a shooting on board one of their buses has never happened before.  The driver kept other passengers safe by following procedures already in place.  No one else was hurt.