Waffle House Gunman's Father Files Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit

Posted at 1:33 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 14:38:57-04

The father of accused Waffle House shooter, Travis Reinking, has filed a petition to dismiss a lawsuit brought against him by the family of one of the victims.

Travis’ father, Jeffrey, has issued a motion to dismiss the lawsuit from Christian Perez, the administrator for the estate of 20-year-old Joe R. Perez who was killed in the April shooting at an Antioch Waffle House.

Reports stated a two-count negligence complaint was filed against Jeffrey which alleged negligent entrustment and “gratuitous assumption of duty.”

These counts were based on information stating Jeffrey allowed his son to have his firearms back after his son’s Firearm Owners Identification card had been revoked in Illinois. One of the firearms returned to Travis was used in the Waffle House shooting.

According to the motion to dismiss: “The Complaint’s negligent entrustment theory fails because Plaintiff has not and cannot make allegations demonstrating that Jeffrey Reinking had a superior or exclusive right of control over Travis Reinking’s firearms.”

The motion stated the second count was also “defective” because it says Jeffrey does not have a duty “to the ‘community of those who came or were to come in the vicinity of Travis Reinking,’ including individuals in other states, to ensure that Travis Reinking did not have access to his own firearms.”

To read the motion in full, click here.