Waffle House shooting hero, mother of officer-involved shooting victim nominated for COB

Posted at 6:33 PM, Dec 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 15:56:48-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A total of 182 people were nominated for the Nashville Community Oversight Board. Now, the Metro Council has started the process of narrowing down that list to 11 people.

Nominees included attorneys, former Metro Council members, former Metro police officers and pastors. Waffle House shooting hero James Shaw, Jr., the mother of Waffle House shooting victim Akilah DaSilva were both nominated, as well as the mother of Jocques Clemmons, who was shot and killed by a Metro officer last year. 180 nominations came from community organizations or people in the community.

Mayor David Briley also made two nominations: Phyllis Hildreth and Bob Cooper. Hildreth currently serves as Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Strategic Partnerships at American Baptist College. Cooper is a former Tennessee Attorney General.

The final board will consist of 11 people: seven from community organizations or petitions, two from the Metro Council, and two from the Mayor's office. The Metro Council will approve all the nominees. Board members can’t be spouses of law enforcement, or have served in law enforcement over last 5 years.

The Metro Council's Rules-Confirmations-Public Elections Committee met Tuesday evening to discuss the next steps in the process. A questionnaire will be distributed Wednesday to all nominees. It will address a variety of topics including the reasons they want to serve on the board, and their past experiences with law enforcement. The deadline to complete the questionnaire is Jan. 4. Nominees then must participate in an interview with the Rules Committee. The Committee discussed setting up times for these interviews over several days and meeting with each individual for around five minutes.

"We’re catching our breath, and we are going to get our work done, and have this completed by Jan. 31," said Vice Mayor Jim Shulman.

The board was created after community activists collected enough signatures to put the topic on the November ballot. The group Community Oversight Now pushed for the COB following the deaths of two African American men, who were shot and killed by Metro Police officers. The board will have the power to investigate allegations of officer misconduct, and make recommendations on disciplinary action.

The Metro Council is set to vote on the nominees at the Jan. 15th meeting. However, Shulman said he believed a special meeting may need to be called to address the board.

Below is the full list:

1. Charles Moorman Beard
2. Eugenia Rossetti Grayer
3. Najaneiro Lynette Pullen
4. Melvin Eugene Walker
5. Noah T. Ballard
6. Samuel Henry Sloss, III
7. Kenneth D. "Kenny" Hardy
8. Heidi Nieland Hall
9. LaTasha Cook
10. Kenneth Taylor Dixon, II
11. Dale B. Mitchell
12. Floyd N. Murrell, Sr.
13. Thomas William Wrenne
14. David Craig Hooven
15. Michael William Dioguardi
16. Karen Mitchell Porter
17. George R. Williams
18. Dennis R. Sweatt, Jr.
19. Clarice Rankins
20. Ronnie Greer
21. Monterey D. Lee, Sr.
22. Don Majors
23. Lucas Leverett
24. Isaac Uimun Kimes
25. Ronald G. Turner
26. Jonathan A. Rizzo
27. Janet Lee Seay
28. "Robert Sawyers, Sr.
29. Patricia Henderson Chatman
30. Robert Wayne O'Quin
31. Kurtis L. Herron
32. Cleo Lee King
33. Sandra V. Moore
34. Adele Maurer Lewis
35. Kenneth Rosson Pence
36. Alvin Eugene Miller, Sr.
37. Joyce Elaine Neal
38. Andrea Ophelia Ellender Lindsey
39. Matthew Sweeney
40. Dexter Glynn Scott
41. Tina L. Fox
42. Emmett Turner
43. James Harber
44. Jerry Snow
45. James Johnson
46. Danita Marsh
47. James Summar
48. Robert Nash
49. Bobby Bracks
50. Arthanese William Boissiere
51. Constance L. Wade
52. Gregory George Engroff
53. Hamid Abdullah
54. James Shaw, Jr.
55. Shaundelle Brooks
56. Jerrell R. (Jay) Voorhees, Jr.
57. Murrell R. Crews
58. Eric Dozier
59. Bobbie Maurice Hill
60. Patricia "Tricia" Frantz
61. James Clarence Floyd, Jr.*
62. James Harwell Todd
63. Trevor Rashad Porter
64. Anne Stasney Betancourt
65. Joseph Wayne Foster
66. Jensen Horsley
67. James F. Donnelly
68. William Hamner Leslie
69. Daniel Battle Griffin, Jr.
70. Amanda Lucas
71. Katherine Manning Willey
72. Caleb Mundy
73. Jamelia Yeargins
74. Julia Watson
75. Edward Means Baylor, IV
76. Eric Ashley Roberts
77. Edna J. Jones
78. Charles R. Smith
79. Sarah E. Grove
80. Chuck Sanford
81. Lynn Sherill Ewing
82. Stephen Cascioppo
83. Arnold Gene Hayes
84. Traveda L. Jordan
85. Ethel Lorean Pointer
86. Howard E. Jones, Jr.
87. Paul D. Matsen
88. Michael J. Schlacter
89. Allie Kenitra Henderson-Fitts
90. Kimberly A. Goins
91. Jonathan Cory Williamson
92. Ovid Timothy Hughes
93. Paula Joyner
94. Brenda Ross
95. Tonya Johnson Lee
96. Kristin Tracie Fields
97. Mia Sims Moorefield
98. Cesar Mauricio Rojano Escobar
99. Saletta Holloway
100. Ronald Wynn
101. Carol Soloman
102. Darren Virgil Collins, Jr.
103. Harold L. Bryant
104. Phillip E. Moody, Jr.
105. Margaret Hakimeh Ordoubadian Abernathy
106. Jeremy E. Haag
107. Robert Arnold Horrar
108. Sherriff Sincere Richards
109. Carmen Melinda Coats
110. F. Clark Williams, Jr.
111. Amani M. Kelly
112. Robert Glenn Shirley
113. Karen Summers Munoz
114. Paul Erin King
115. Derrick Leonard
116. Tammy Coleman
117. John. M. Zirker, Sr.
118. Stephen Michael Jones, Sr.
119. Rosevelt L. Noble
120. Mary Pretorius Murphy
121. Tandra Moore Freeman
122. Mary D. Byrd
123. Jaclyn Paige Dustin Good
124. Thomas Walter Tucker
125. Donna Krupkin Whitney
126. Dr. William K. Head
127. John Parrish
128. Marcus William Shute, Jr.
129. Andres Alejandro Martinez
130. Loren Joel Russell, II
131. Sheila Clemmons Lee
132. Keeda Haynes
133. Denise A. Hamer
134. Matthew Scott Crum
135. Brittany Taylor Paschall
136. James Copens
137. Vanesa Gisel Delgado Sanchez
138. Daniel Alvarez
139. Anthony Lamar Brooks
140. Carol Dawn Deaner
141. Scott Douglas McWilliams
142. Kayo Beshir
143. Melanie Rose Tomlyn
144. Jamel R. Campbell-Gooch
145. Ashlee Jene' Davis
146. Clarence Wellington Taylor
147. Bobbie Hill
148. Mable Oliver Osemwegie
149. Doug Jones
150. Ginger Marie Peterson
151. Shaye Patrice Lowe
152. R.J. Robles
153. Ertha Elizabeth Luma
154. Bobbilyn Negron
155. Cherie Allen
156. Terry R. Clayton
157. Charles Michael Coode
158. LaTeaka Michelle Jackson
159. Erica Lanier
160. Jimmy Greer, Sr.
161. Albert Mack Bender
162. William Bliss Hicky
163. Jacqueline F. Coleman-Robinson
164. Gina Ross
165. Walter Holloway
166. Sherry Ann Long
167. Richard Luff
168. Dorothy Cecelia Nichols McCrady
169. Amanda Marie Harrison
170. Rowland Burke Huddleston
171. Rommel Wesley Thornton
172. Gewendolyn Kelly-Harris
173. Betty Diane Lee-Smith
174. Deloris Darlene Vandivort
175. Carmen Melinda Coats
176. Steve Ganaway
177. Wanda Battle
178. Cheryl Lynn Tisale
179. Timothy Thompson
180. Kate Tucker