Website Ranks Tennessee As 14th-Best State In Every Way

Posted at 1:01 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 14:02:28-05

Tennessee has been ranked the 14th-best state in the nation in every way.

Thrillist has created a list to rank each of the 50 states "based on everything," in its Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 States. The list ranks the states based on their contributions to America, according to their website.

"In no particular order, things Tennessee gets right include: hot chicken, the Stax Museum, sneakily passionate hockey fanbases, ribs, Beale Street, state songs, dressing weirdly nice for college football games, and theme parks dedicated to busty country musicians," the website said. 

Michigan was declared the number one state "in every way." Followed by Maine, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Louisiana.

Florida came in dead last at number 50 with Delaware, Ohio, Arizona and Utah rounding out the bottom five.

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