What Happens Next With Holly Bobo's Remains

Posted: 7:34 PM, Nov 27, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-28 02:18:27Z
What Happens Next With Holly Bobo's Remains

Her killer is convicted. So, what happens now to Holly Bobo's remains? Her skull with a bullet wound was a key piece of evidence. Will her remains finally be laid to rest? This may surprise you: It may be quite some time before the skull and the bone fragments are returned to the family.

The Holly Bobo trial ended with the conviction of Zach Adams nearly two months ago ... but Bobo's remains are still in TBI custody, and that figures not to change anytime soon. 

Investigators did not find Holly Bobo's entire skeleton. but they did have her skull ... and other bone fragments.

That key physical evidence at trial was proof positive Bobo was dead.

And the jury decided Zach Adams killed her.

There are two others charged.

So, now what happens to those remains ???

"Typically anything used as an exhibit in trial is saved throughout the appellate process," said Newschannel5 legal analyst Nick Leonardo.

That's right. Not returned to the family ... at least not yet. It's true prosecutors only introduced photos of the bones ... not the bones themselves.

But Leonardo said new questions could come up especially regarding the actual skull.

"Given the fact there is a bullet wound in the skull that could be the part of any appeal that could ensue."

Zach Adam's appeal could take years. You'll recall, Karen Bobo -- Holly's mother -- agreed to a life sentence instead of seeking the death penalty.

That's something Adams attorney appreciated at the time.

"I said I want you to know what you've done today is an incredible gift you've given my client," said attorney Jennifer Thompson after sentencing.

It is possible Adams could return a favor. He could waive the use of the actual bones for his appeals.
  Doing so would allow the Bobo family to finally give Holly's remains a proper burial.

Whatever happens we know that the remains will stay put until at least next May. That is when Zach Adams brother Dylan is set to stand trial for the Bobo kidnapping, rape and murder.

Zach Adams attorney has not commented on whether they will need the remains for her client's appeal.