White House says store shelves will be stocked for the holidays

Global supply chain issues have caused obstacles
Supply Chains
Posted at 4:48 AM, Dec 02, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Despite concerns leading up to the holiday season, the Biden Administration is assuring Americans that store shelves will be stocked despite supply chain issues.

The administration said it has taken several steps to speed up operations and extend hours to 24/7 service at large ports. There have also been efforts to lower high consumer prices.

The president met with big-box CEOs and is confident shelves will be stocked in time for the holidays, saying the U.S. is "heading into the holiday season in very strong shape."

As for the rising prices, Biden said his administration has been using every tool available to address the issue. It's most widely seen at the pump which is contributing to the biggest inflation spike in decades.

"The CEOs I met with this week reported that their inventories are up shelves are well stocked and they're ready to meet the consumer demand for the holidays," said Biden.

This comes at a time where new concerns are being raised about how the omicron variant could make the supply chain crisis worse.