Williamson Co. Animal Center Overflows With Kittens

Offers Low Adoption Rates
Posted: 9:20 PM, Jun 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-13 02:21:26Z
Williamson Co. Animal Center Overflows With Kittens

The Williamson County Animal Center is overrun with cats and kittens and has asked for foster homes, adoptions or donations.

The center took in about 30 to 40 kittens on Monday alone. Part of those were a full cardboard box of kittens.

Officials with the center asked for foster homes to take on some of the kittens until they could make room at the center. They also asked for donations to continue to care for them including litter, litter pans and wet and dry kitten food.

Thankfully, the center was able to find a quick foster home to take on some of those kittens. Officials said allowing the kittens to stay in a home with other kittens or owners helps them become more adoptable in the future.

However, they still had a large amount of kittens available for adoption. They need to find forever homes for them so that the kittens in foster homes can then be brought in for adoption.

The Center is offering an adoption special in which one kitten is only $10 to adopt and a second kitten is free.