Williamson Co. Shows Growth At Outlook 2016

Posted at 8:25 PM, Mar 15, 2016

Williamson County released its 2016 trends report at the Outlook Williamson event.

The event took a look at where the county currently stood, and the challenges it could face ahead.

Williamson became the number one county in the nation for job growth in 2015.

"People know this is a place they can go, not just to move and have a great life, but move and have a job,” said Williamson Inc. President and CEO, Matt Largen.

The half-day economic forum provided an in-depth look at how Williamson County's economy compared to nationally and regionally, using growth projections and statistical data.

The event was broken up in to three sessions focused on the economy, development and statistics from the Williamson County Trends Report.

"With all those great things that we're seeing, the job growth and low unemployment, we have to make sure as a city that we're staying prepared for the infrastructure challenges we're facing,” said Franklin Mayor Ken Moore.

Though transportation was a concern for the future, Williamson County has expected to add another 25,000 jobs in the next nine years.