Williamson County School Board Discusses Looney's Contract

Posted at 9:58 PM, Jul 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-04 16:22:23-04

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – The Williamson County Board of Education has been doing everything it can to keep Dr. Mike Looney as director of schools.

The board discussed the specifics of a contract extension during a work session Thursday. This came just hours after Dr. Looney was named as the preferred candidate to be the next director of Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Williamson County board members settled on a four year contract extension that would include a five percent raise, and a $30,000 bonus that would increase his salary to around $231,000. The contract would also include extra vacation and sick days.

Board members said it is important to show they support him and appreciate his work in the district.

“We need stability,” said Bobby Hullett, a Williamson County Board Member. “He provides leadership not just for us as a board, but for our kids and schools.”

“Our board and community need to pull together and work cohesively which means supporting the work of our director,” added board member Dr. Beth Burgos.

Some Williamson County parents arrived hours before the work session to get a seat in the small meeting room. Others stood outside the building, with signs that read “Keep Looney.” Parents in attendance said it was important to show their support.

“I’m here to support our school and support Dr. Looney,” said Sarah Barnard, a Williamson County parent. “Our schools have improved under his leadership, and I want to see that continue as my boys go through the school system.”

Dr. Looney has been the Director of Williamson County Schools for the last six years.

Williamson County Board members were set to vote on the contract extension at their meeting Monday at 6 p.m.