Woman Asks For Public's Help In Getting Back Stolen Property

Posted at 5:38 PM, Sep 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-14 09:36:34-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - To most, Jeannette Porazzo's stolen property was nothing more than a typical bicycle. However, to her it was much more than a five speed cruiser.

"It was the most random act of kindness I think I ever experienced from a stranger," she said.

In 2008 Porazzo was working in Reno, Nevada when she had a stroke. Her driver's license was taken away. "For three years I wasn't allowed to drive," she said.

So she turned to Criagslist to find a bike. She put out an ad with the hopes of spending a hundred dollars but received one completely free of charge.

"It was like one of those bitter sweet moments, I was crying and I hugged him and was just so grateful and thankful," said Porrazzo.

It was a vintage Univega bike, at least 20 years old and in great condition.

"I made sure that bike went with me everywhere I went," she said.

When she moved to Nashville three years ago it served as a way to get around during the work day.

"I was riding it to and from meetings on music row," Porrazzo explained.

She kept it in the lobby of her work building and that's where it stayed for nearly a year. However, one day last month, "I came in I was like, 'Where's the bike?' The bike is gone, I looked all over the building, I looked upstairs. I thought well maybe someone moved it."

The bike hasn't been seen since. Porrazzo filed a report with the police department, but so far no word on who may have it. She's offering a cash reward and hoping another good Samaritan will help her get it back.

"I would probably break down in happy tears, praise God and say hallelujah, the world is a good place after all and there's still good people out there. I'm keeping the faith that it will come back," she said.

If anyone has information that can help, they've been asked to contact police.