Woman Charged $7,000 For Uber Rides She Didn't Take

Posted: 5:52 PM, Nov 22, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-22 19:12:11-05
Woman Charged $7,000 For Uber Rides She Didn't Take

Imagine opening up your credit card statement to find 185 Uber rides charged to your card for a total of more than $7,000 for rides you did not take. 

That was the case for one Nashville woman who was charged anywhere between $5 and $300 in a three week period from October into November, but she had no record of any Uber rides in her Uber account, only on her credit card statement. 

"It doesn't tell me where it was or anything, and it's not in my app. So my app was not used, just my credit card," Karyn Menck said. 

While Menck acknowledged that it could be someone who stole her credit card, she believed that it has to do with the recently announced Uber hack, due to the fact that no other fraudulent charges were made on her account.

"It is strictly Uber, I'm not affected in any other way at this point. I've pulled a credit report, I've looked there, and I don't have any suspicious activity," Menck explained. "Uber is saying that no consumers have been affected, they're saying that it was just their names and phone numbers and things like that, and I feel certain this is how my information got out there."

NewsChannel 5 spoke with an Uber representative who said that no credit card information, social security numbers, or any trip data were obtained in the hack of the 57 million users. 

The information that was compromised was drivers license information, phone numbers, and names, and Uber has been working with those who could potentially be impacted to make sure any harm will be minimized. 

Menck said she reached out to Uber on numerous occasions prior to learning about the hack, and the company kept asking her to send information on the trip in question.

"There's nothing to screenshot. I have nothing in my phone, my app. There are thousands of dollars and hundreds of transactions that are not mine," Menck said, adding that all of the responses seemed generic. "It felt like it's a copy and paste, that this is what they're told to respond."

A representative from Uber told NewsChannel 5 that they would have a representative reach out to Menck about her specific situation, and Menck said she hopes they can get to the bottom of the issue to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. 

"My fear is, people that use their debit card, they don't get the money back right away, and if they have attached it to their Uber account, they're going to be out that money," she said.

Menck said her credit card company canceled her credit card and refunded the money that was fraudulently spent on her account.