Woman Killed In 2-Car Crash In Clarksville

Posted: 11:00 AM, Oct 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-11 16:00:34Z
Woman Killed In 2-Car Crash In Clarksville

A 65-year-old woman was killed in Clarksville when she rear-ended another vehicle at a red light.  

The crash happened at the intersection of U.S. 79 North near Cracker Barrel Drive. 

Clarksville police said a 53-year-old man in a Ford pickup truck was stopped at the light when a Chevy Cavalier rear-ended the truck. 

It’s unclear why she collided into the back of the vehicle. The woman died at the scene. 

Police said there are no indications that a seatbelt was being worn.    

The other driver was checked by medical personnel and released.