Woman Launches Raw Cookie Dough Stand In Nashville

Posted at 6:43 AM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 14:22:10-04

It's hard to find someone who doesn't love raw cookie dough. Now a Nashville woman is turning that love into a thriving business.

With only a cooler, a counter and three flavors of raw cookie dough, 23-year old Megan Beaven has taken her love of the sweet stuff and turned it into a business.

"Chocolate chip is usually our most popular flavor just because it's what people think of when they think of cookie dough," said Beaven, founder of No Baked Cookie Dough. "Confetti sugar is the most festive flavor of all three. It's super pretty, super fun."

"Cookie dough has always been my favorite dessert. When I was little, my mom would always make homemade cookies and I was the person who would eat the dough right out of the tub before she'd have a chance to bake it."

She wouldn't go into over her trade-secrets, but she will say there's no egg involved. So no chance of getting sick.

"Eventually I came up with a recipe where I just took the dangerous thing out of the cookie dough mix," she said. 

Now Beaven places her pop-up shop all over Nashville.

NewsChannel 5 caught up with her at 12 South to ask her how she was able to quit her job in the music industry to sell cookie dough full-time.

"I was actually working at a full-time job, so I started by launching a website because I knew I could start a website in my spare time. I could start with online orders," she said. "I started social media. I started Instagram. I started reaching out to influences on Instagram and getting them to promote it."

Beaven said she wants to take her cookie stand to the next level and open a brick and mortar location soon.

"It was about a week and a half into having the online store that I was able to quit my job," she said. 

The dough is made without raw eggs. Eight ounce tubs go for $5. She said the dough keeps in the fridge for about three weeks or freezer for three months. 

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