Woman Scammed Out Of Thousands By Fake Attorney Arrested For Rape

Posted at 8:02 PM, Apr 11, 2017

A man was arrested and charged for posing as an attorney and promising an elderly woman services that he was never able to supply.

Mary Hovinga just has the photos of her 21-year-old grandson, and if Hovinga wants to see him in person, she'll have to go to the Robertson county jail.

As a grandmother, Hovinga was desperate to get her grandson out of jail, and that's how she met Wayne Allen Willemsen.
"All I can say is that he’s a crook. He took me for about $3,500 or more," said Mary Hovinga.
Hovinga says she met Willemsen through a family friend.
Willemsen over heard Mary say her grandson was locked up- and that's when Willemsen offered his services.
"He spoke up and said I’ll represent him for a thousand dollars, and I said oh you will, and he said yes," said Hovinga.
Hovinga says Willemsen told her that he was a lawyer and promised  to get her grandson out of jail for for $1,000. But that $1,000 quickly grew after he allegedly kept coming back for more money.
"Every week he was down here for 500, thousand dollars," said Hovinga.
Hovinga says  this went on for about two months. We're told he would blame the extra costs on a rehab facility for her grandson, and court fees.
But thousands of dollars later her grandson was still in jail and Mary was out of cash.
"I cannot keep on giving, giving, giving because this is all I’ve got. He got my whole income tax," said Hovinga.
It wasn't until last week Mary found out that Williamson wasn't actually an Attorney, after he was arrested and charged with rape.
NewsChannel 5 reached out to his employee, where he is listed as Susannah Rourk's Contract Office Manager and Assistant.
Though The website claims to be available a 24 hours a day, no one answered or returned our phone calls.
For now, Hovinga says she's just glad he won't be able to scam anyone else.
"I would like for him to feel just what we’ve been feeling, doing without to give him money. It’s not a very good feeling," said Hovinga.
It's not the first time Willemsen's been charged with a sex crime.  He's accused of sexually assaulting a woman while posing as a pastor in Michigan.
He's also posed as an officer. During an arrest in Nashville, police reportedly found six different identification cards in his possession.