Woman Still Waiting On Furniture 2 Months After Move Out

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 19:25:30-05

A Murfreesboro woman who had just moved out of the state before the new year said she has fallen victim to theft by a moving company. 

Theresa Pinkous had lived in Tennessee for 15 years and sold her home on Apollo Drive in Murfreesboro in October. 

She hired Presidential Moving Services to transfer her belongings and furniture to her new home in Michigan. 

However, she still has not received the approximately $20,000 worth of belongings to her new house nearly two months after the move. 

"I don't have a bed because they have my bed. Basically I'm sleeping on box springs on a foam pad on the floor in my bedroom, and that's all I've had," Pinkous told NewsChannel 5 on the phone. 

Prior to moving in October, Pinkous reportedly paid a deposit of $550 outside of the basic estimate of $2,200. 

She said that once the truck was loaded, the estimate nearly doubled because of the space it took up. 

She paid part of the estimate and signed off but has not seen the truck ever since. 

Pinkous requested to have it delivered by November 10 with the understanding it could take an additional three to 18 days to deliver. 

"They were supposed to call me with the scheduled delivery, and I called around the 10 and they said I wasn't on the schedule at that point," added Pinkous. 

Pinkous also said she received collection calls to wire nearly $1,200 to catch up with her balance. She transferred the money through a local credit union and still has not seen her belongings. 

"They have you at their mercy," said Pinkous. 

The Better Business Bureau gave the moving company an F rating.

Presidential Moving Services, also listed as President Moving and Storage LLC on BBB's website, is based out of Arlington, Texas. 

Reasons behind the F rating included 30 complaints against the business, failing to respond to 12 complaints, and failure to have a required competency license. 

According to its website, BBB contacted Presidential Moving Services in November about advertised claims. Specifically, BBB requested the business substantiate it has been operating for “20 years” as advertised. The earliest start date BBB was able to verify for the business is in May through its Texas Secretary of State business filing.

"Always do your homework first to make sure you're doing business with a reputable firm," said President/CEO at BBB Middle Tennessee, Robyn Householder. 

Householder said to do homework in advance and make sure the company is insured and has a proper license.

You should also have good inventory of all the products and make sure to get more than one estimate. 

"Make sure you pay according to what the contract defines. We always recommend instead of wiring money you use a credit card," added Householder.

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