Woman Sues Metro Police For $3 Million Dollars Over Arrest, Alleged Assault

Posted at 6:36 PM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 20:06:42-04

A woman has sued the Metro Nashville Police Department over an arrest in which the officer allegedly assaulted her.

It happened at an Antioch apartment complex:  Officer Elizabeth Berry-Loucks was frisking Rachel Hill when she was pricked by a syringe hidden in the suspect's bra.

At that moment, Berry-Loucks allegedly slapped her. Soon after, the officer was put on desk duty and charged with misdemeanor assault.

Nashville Police Union Responds To Incident Of Officer Slapping Suspect

However, the woman Berry-Loucks allegedly slapped has disputed much the officer's story.

First, she said there was no needle stick.

"She pulls it out by the plunger end, not the needle and said are you kidding me I could have been stuck and then she grabbed my handcuffed hands and hit me so hard I fell back on my bed," said Rachel Hall.

She claimed Berry-Loucks hit her a second time and then did something else never reported.

"After that, she turned me around and spread my legs and pushed me over onto my bed and that's when she started to go inside of me," said Hall.

"It was a violation of her civil liberties and very sadistic behavior," said Hall's attorney Sais Phillips Finney.

She said police did not have probable cause and a subpoena to do a body cavity search right there on the scene.

Hall, who showed up while the raid was in progress, was arrested with several other people at the apartment.

Finney said after she was booked her client then spoke with Metro sex crimes detectives and had an examination.

"Rachel was taken to the hospital for a sexual assault examination," said Finney.

Hall was initially booked on drug and gun charges with others, but Finney said the charges were all dropped because the contraband was not hers.

She and Hall sued for $3 million citing excessive force and malicious prosecution by the department.

The city and police department said they had not had a chance to look over the lawsuit to comment. Berry-Laucks was never removed from decommissioned status and left the Metro Police force this past May.