Woman's Intuition Helped Save Motorcycle Crash Victim

Posted at 6:31 PM, Oct 07, 2016

A Robertson County woman helped saved a man's life after his motorcycle veered off the road. 

27-year-old Thomas Dailey was traveling on McMahan Hollow Road under Interstate 24 in Coopertown when he drove off and crashed into several trees. 

The cause was not immediately known. 

Dailey was air lifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in critical condition and has since undergone several surgeries to treat several broken bones and a collapsed lung. 

"I asked God to protect him," Terri Holt, Dailey's mother, recalled. "All I could think about was him not dying."

Dailey was first spotted by Debbie Oakley, a neighbor on her way home early Wednesday night. 

Oakley said she noticed something looked different when she unknowingly drove by the scene but kept going. She told NewsChannel 5 she had a haunting feeling and felt bothered.

Oakely drove back to the scene and heard a loud groan for help from Dailey as he raised his arm up. 

"I firmly believe if she stopped the first time she would've never found him, she would've left because he was not capable of answering her," Holt told NewsChannel 5. 

Dailey was tucked deep within the woods being crushed by his motorcycle. 

"It's great that she acted on the thinking that she should go check it out," Coopertown Police Chief Laurence Dennis added. "If something doesn't seem right it probably isn't, and who knows how much longer it would've taken before someone found him to give medical assistance."

Holt and Oakley met for the first time on Friday as Dailey underwent surgery. Oakley said she felt guilty for not stopping the first time but Holt could not be more grateful.

"All I could tell her was 'thank-you' and thank her for praying over him because that's what he needed," Holt said. 

Holt pointed out a picture Oakley took as her son was being carried away on a stretcher. There is a flashy image to the bottom left of the picture which both women believed was an angel watching over Dailey. 

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is leading the investigation.