Women Accuse Hickman County Man Of Online Sexual Harassment

Posted at 12:40 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 20:53:59-04

Several women have accused a Hickman County man of sending unwanted, sexually explicit videos, photographs and messages via Facebook Messenger. Some of his accusers are under the age of 18.

The Hickman County Sheriff's Office said it served search warrants in the case on Monday afternoon, but were unable to make contact with the man at the center of the investigation in person. The Sheriff has not released the man's name, but several women have identified Troy Hornburger as the man who messaged them pictures of his genitals and even videos depicting masturbation.

Many of these victims have never met or interacted with Hornburger before.

"It happened March 23rd and I woke up to it because he sent it at 2:40 in the morning," said one victim who has asked NewsChannel 5 to conceal her identity. "He sent in a graphic picture and really vulgar messages."

That woman said she responded with a short message telling Hornburger to leave her alone. That's when he became aggressive.

"He got demanding and upset because I turned him down," she said. "I said he was very rude and he sent multiple messages after that saying I was the rude one for denying him."

That victim said she reported the incident to the sheriff's office over the phone and was told by officials to block Hornburger on Facebook. 

Weeks later, Hornburger messaged her again from a second Facebook profile.

"He already has two Facebook accounts that he’s messaged me on. He could always make another one," she said.

A second victim also spoke with NewsChannel 5.

Raeven McFarlin said Hornburger is a former family friend who she once trusted. But on June 7, he messaged her offering to pay $500 for a sexual favors.

"It just makes you feel disgusting, it’s a horrible feeling," McFarlin said. "It’s not right. Somebody shouldn’t make you feel like that."

McFarlin did not respond to the message and reported it to the Hickman County Sheriff's Office. Her mother shared what happened on Facebook, prompting an outpouring of comments from women who had received similar messages, including some girls under the age of 18. 

Hours later, the Hickman County Sheriff's Office posted on its Facebook page asking victims to report their experiences directly to its office.

But McFarlin is disappointed it has taken so long for some action.

"It if weren’t for my mom, I don’t think this would have come to the light," she said. "Just think what he could do to a minor. If he’s doing this to older girls, older women what if he got a hold of one of the small ones?"

Hornburger has claimed his account was hacked and he is not the one sending the messages. Investigators said they are also looking into that possibility.

According to NewsChannel 5 legal expert Jim Todd, the messages are tough to prosecute under state law. If sent to an adult, they could possibly constitute obscenity, which is a Class A Misdemeanor.

However, if it is proven the messages were sent to minor girls, the offense would be considered serious.

The Hickman County Sheriff said the investigation is ongoing.