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Paris is hosting a nude picnic, and everyone's invited

Posted at 5:59 AM, Jun 19, 2018

Would you do a spot of yoga in the buff or eat a sandwich in your birthday suit?

If the answer's yes, and you're in Paris on June 24 -- you're in luck.

The city's Nudists Association is hosting a giant picnic for naturists aimed at newbies and pros alike.

The event will honor the inaugural Parisian Day of Naturism, which the Association hopes will become an annual event celebrated on the last Sunday of June each year.

The group hopes it will be a "symbolic day," bringing together Parisians in thenudist area of the Bois de Vincennes park.

Yoga in the buff

Naked celebrations will begin with a yoga class at 11:30 a.m. After this work out, attendees can picnic in the Paris sun.

Guests are asked to contribute €5 ($5.80) towards food provisions. The Facebook-listed event encourages visitors to bring their own towel and invite friends and family. The event will run through 5:30 p.m.

In the evening, the party will move onto the naturist restaurant O'Naturel. Places are limited for the evening celebrations, but reservations can be made on the restaurant's website.

The Bois de Vincennes Park launched a designated nudist zone in August 2017. The concept ran as a three month experiment before launching again this Spring, catering for the country's 2.6 million practicing naturists.

The nude zone's pitched as a tranquil spot where voyeurism won't be tolerated.

The Parisian Day of Naturism comes hot on the heels of the city's first nudist art gallery visit. On May 5, contemporary art gallery Palais de Tokyo opened its doors to naturists for an afternoon of art, uncovered.

Future fun

The Parisian naturist association also hosts regular nude swimming sessions at the Roger Le Gall swimming pool and regular events including naked cocktail soirees, nude bowling, hiking in the buff and listening to jazz au natural.

In July, to celebrate World Naturist Day, Parc Aventure Land in Magny en Vexin (Val d'Oise) -- about an hour northwest of Paris -- will open its doors to French naturists.

Nudists are encouraged to enjoy the activity center's varied attractions while leaving their clothing behind.

For full details, check out the Nudist Association's website and social media profiles.