Young Mother, Children Escape Drive-Thru Car Fire

Posted at 6:42 PM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 22:28:02-04

A Nashville mother's SUV burst into flames in a McDonald's drive-thru, and the restaurant has forced her to pay for the damages.

Deanna Barnes' Ford Explorer caught fire in the beginning of August while in the drive-thru of the fast food restaurant in East Nashville.

"She said your truck is on fire!" she recalled.

Time ticked away as Barnes and her sister tried frantically to pull the kids to safety as the flames grew.
"Get my babies out that was the first thing that went through my mind, my adrenaline was pumping," the young mother said. 
Drivers passing by captured the entire dramatic scene on video with an iPhone. Flames could be seen coming up from the car and hitting the side of the McDonald's.
"When I'd seen that everyone was out and everyone was ok I turned and looked at my truck and I just, I couldn't stop crying," she said. 
Deanna was in between jobs when the fire happened and didn't have insurance on her SUV. McDonald's has informed her she's on the hook for thousands of dollars in damages.
"I'm assuming they'll probably try to sue me," Deanna added.
She's done her best to make ends meet, but was still depending on friends for rides to work.
"I need help, sometimes people need help," she said.
To help with expenses, friends have setup a gofundme page for Deanna.