YouTube Video Shows Student Punching Teacher

Posted at 9:14 PM, Mar 02, 2016
A cell phone video, posted on YouTube by a Hunters Lane High School Student, captured a teacher being punched in the face.
Police said Jason Witt, a music teacher, did nothing to provoke the fight. He was simply directing traffic in the hallway when the 17-year-old student punched him in the face.
It wasn't the first time incidents of violence have been reported at Hunters Lane High School. 
Two months ago, a student was attacked on school grounds by a mother and her two adult sons when they thought he had taken a cell phone. 
According to police, in the last six months, there have been a total of 30 arrests at Hunters Lane - 14 assaults, 3 disorderly conducts, 3 drug violations and 2 weapons violations.
"it didn't escalate, it could've escalated and that's what you don't want to happen" said Doctor Erick Huth, President of the Metropolitan Nashville Education Association.
He said while it seems like school staff did what they could to alleviate the situation, teacher safety has become a growing concern.
A system called Restorative Justice is in place to make students feel more accountable for their actions,  but Dr. Huth said it needs more work.
"if you can train the students to self correct and have fewer violent actions or innapropriate actions then you have fewer opportunities for individuals to be hurt" said Dr Huth.
The same student who posted Tuesday's attack also posted a video of himself first spitting on a student and later confronting him in the hallway. There was no word on whether or not he has been disciplined.
According to Metro Nashville Police, the student who punched the teacher was arrested. He was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest.