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Inside Politics Analyzes Upcoming Election

Steve Cavendish- President & Editor, Nashville Banner
Posted at 9:48 AM, Aug 01, 2022

This time next week, we should know who won the primary and general elections being held on Thursday, August 4. These are the first elections being held since the redistricting of congressional and state legislative seats by the Tennessee General Assembly. They will also be the first county school board elections being conducted on a partisan basis. How will those changes play out in the election returns? And who might be the winners in some of the major contests, such as in the three new congressional districts that now include Nashville and Davidson County? Our guest on INSIDE POLITICS this week is Steve Cavendish, the President and Editor of the new NASHVILLE BANNER on-line news service. Steve has many years in the national and local Nashville media so he can help us answer our election questions. We welcome Steve back to the program. It is great to have him with us!