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Posted at 1:08 PM, Jun 03, 2014

Issues of Faith takes an in-depth look at the role of religion and faith in our lives today. Hosted by NewsChannel 5 reporter Ben Hall, this roundtable discussion examines a variety of topics and includes religious leaders from all faiths and denominations.

This Month on Issues Of Faith:

Show 1
On this edition of Issues of Faith, Ben sits down with author and non-profit founder, Jena Lee Nardella. Along with Grammy Award–winning band Jars of Clay, Nardella is the co-founder of Blood:Water mission, an organization that is working throughout eleven countries in Africa to serve over 50,000 people with HIV/AIDS and provide clean water for nearly one million Africans. Tune in to hear Nardella’s story of courage and perseverance she narrates in her new book, One Thousand Wells. .

Show 2
On this edition of Issues of Faith, we take a closer look at the parables of Jesus. Why did Jesus speak so often in parables and do they have a different meaning for us than they did his original followers? Vanderbilt University Professor of New Testament Studies Amy-Jill Levine joins us to discuss. 


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