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Posted at 1:08 PM, Jun 03, 2014
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Issues of Faith takes an in-depth look at the role of religion and faith in our lives today. Hosted by NewsChannel 5 reporter Ben Hall, this roundtable discussion examines a variety of topics and includes religious leaders from all faiths and denominations.

This Month on Issues Of Faith:

Show 1
This month on Issues of Faith we’re joined by Karen Kingsbury, one of New York Times Bestselling Christian fiction authors. Kingsbury will be discussing the idea of angels, a significant theme in her newest books Angels Walking and Chasing Sunsets, and she shares her own personal angel encounter. Karen’s newest projects include her new bible study coming out in July, Friends of Jesus, and the Hallmark movie of The Bridge coming out in October, a Christmas love story based in Franklin, TN.

Show 2
This month on Issues of Faith we discuss how to have faith in the midst of loss and grief. Murfreesboro author Jan Wooden Howse lost her husband and her son, yet maintains her belief in one thing above all else: God does no wrong. We will talk about her new book, God Does No Wrong, about dealing with her son’s passing. Howse focuses on what happens when an everyday person is confronted with great personal tragedy, and how to have faith in the midst of it all.


 The show airs at the following times:

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