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Should Nashville Ban Scooters?

Posted at 2:37 PM, Jun 06, 2019

WTVF-NASHVILLE — What should Nashville do about these E-Scooters?

The scooters arrived as a convenient and affordable way for pedestrians to get around town, and not have to worry about paying for parking. They continue to do so, but reckless riders are becoming a problem. Pedestrians have been struck by riders, the dockless scooters are causing congestion on sidewalks, riders are not following rules of the road, etc...
Now scooter accidents are on the rise, and figuring out how to enforce the traffic laws for riders is becoming a MAJOR issue.
So what do YOU think? Should Nashville keep working with Scooter providers to better implement their use, or should the city just ban them?
Alexandra Koehn was joined by David Plazas of the Tennessean, Metro Councilman Freddie O'Connell, and Nora Kern of Walk Bike Nashville.