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Posted at 1:08 PM, Jun 03, 2014
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The Plus Side of Nashville focuses on everything from the works of non-profit organizations to upcoming events in the world of arts. The public affairs show is hosted by NewsChannel 5's Tuwanda Coleman.

This Month on The Plus Side of Nashville:

Show 1
Imagine having to cook a breakfast every day that consists of 36 eggs, 2 pounds of sausages, 24 biscuits, 2 packages of bacon and a gallon of hot tea! That is a typical breakfast and a day in the life of Mike and Hayley Jones, a Franklin, Tennessee couple who were already parents to young two sons when they adopted 7 brothers and a sister from Sierra Leone. This month on The Plus Side of Nashville, we’ll sit down with the Jones’ and hear about their 3-year long journey to bring their children home in their new book At Any Cost. Plus, the Tennessee Performing Art Center has announced its 2015-2016 Broadway series, and there are some amazing shows coming to Nashville. We’re going to review each production, show you clips and tell you how you can get tickets. You don’t want to miss it!

Show 2
If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community but you’re not sure exactly what is it you’d like to do, Hands on Nashville is a nonprofit organization celebrating 24 years of connecting thousands of volunteers with service organizations. This month on The Plus Side of Nashville, Tuwanda sits down with Hands On Nashville’s President and CEO, Brian Williams and Dr. Ronald Wooding, the Principal of Caldwell Elementary School, to talk about the great service opportunities Hands On Nashville has provided over the years. Also, this month starts the new season for Nashville Repertory Theatre, which means new shows and lots to look forward to. Tuwanda reviews the season’s 2015-2016 lineup, and is joined by Lauren Shouse, who is the guest director for one of the productions.



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