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Posted at 1:08 PM, Jun 03, 2014
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Did you know that Tennessee has one of the fastest growing immigrant communities in the country? On this episode of QUE PASA NASHVILLE Cristina Allen will be joined by Stepanie Teatro with TIRRC to discuss why we have seen such a growth and how they are reaching to those communities. They’ll also discuss their latest work to stop anti-immigrant legislature. Finally, hear about their upcoming event “InterNASHional Food Crawl”. Be sure to tune in! is a half-hour program dedicated to the opportunities and challenges facing the growing Hispanic community in Middle Tennessee. Latino leaders estimate more than 150,000 Hispanics now call Middle Tennessee home, and they expect that number to continue to grow. Host Cristina Allen is a well-respected and long-time member of Nashville's Hispanic community.

This Month on ¿Que Pasa Nashville?:

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Did you know that nearly twelve percent of the Nashville population was born outside of the United States? Nashville’s foreign-born residents have more than doubled over the past decade but newcomers don’t necessarily have a clear understanding of their rights. On this episode of ¿Que Pasa Nashville? Cristina Allen is joined by immigration attorneys Anoosh Bahiraei and Leon Berrios to discuss how they work closely with Latino families to ensure they will be successful in this country.

Show 2
On this episode of ¿Que Pasa Nashville? Cristina Allen will be joined by Annabelle Cruz and Michael McSurdy with Family & Children Services to discuss the different services they offer to the Immigrant community. Then, dancing is an important aspect of our culture. Diana Perez with Baila will tell us about the story behind Baila and how you can be part of this dancing group. Lastly, if you or someone you know enjoys wrestling you might be in for a treat. Professional wrestler LT Faulk joins us to tell us about Union Wrestling Latin America and where you can see the matches. Be sure to tune in!

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