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Pop-Tarts Has New Doughnut-Inspired Flavors

Pop-Tarts Has New Doughnut-Inspired Flavors
Posted at 10:25 AM, Dec 10, 2021

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It’s officially the season of delicious breakfast pastries. This year, Pop-Tart is joining in with two brand-new flavors inspired by one of the sweetest breakfast treats: doughnuts!

Inspired by some of the top-selling flavors at doughnut shops nationwide, new Frosted Boston Creme Donut Pop-Tarts and Apple Fritter Pop-Tarts each feature a flaky crust, icing and warm filling (if you choose to toast them), perfect for when you’re craving something sweet in the morning, but don’t have time for a doughnut run.

The Frosted Boston Creme Donut Pop-Tarts have a custard-flavored filling and are topped with chocolatey icing, while the Frosted Apple Fritter Pop-Tarts have an apple-flavored filling and are topped with white string icing. Both flavors are hitting store shelves nationwide this month in an 8-count box for around $2.99.


The doughnut-inspired pastries are just some of the new Pop-Tart flavors you’ll find in stores right now. Their new Eggo Frosted Maple flavor has a sweet, maple syrup-flavored filling and white icing with a waffle-like grid pattern of yellow icing. The flavor also has a flaky, buttery-yellow crust, just like an Eggo waffle.

Pop-Tart’s Sugar Cookie flavor is also back for the season. The pastries include sugar cookie dough-flavored filling inside a vanilla-flavored crust. Topped with white icing, they are printed with 10 holiday “fail” designs, like a cat tangled in Christmas lights.


While Pop-Tart has made a handful of other flavors as well, like Peach Cobbler, Banana Crème Pie, Lemon Crème Pie and Pink Lemonade, some of them were for a limited time only.

If you’re craving a Pop-Tart flavor no longer available, or prefer something totally new, you can actually try making your own. This recipe for a giant version from A Cookie Named Desire will take about 45 minutes of prep time and calls for quite a few ingredients, but it’s not really as complicated as it may seem.


What is your favorite Pop-Tart flavor?

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