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These pumpkin spice hot cocoa bombs are almost too cute to use

These Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa Bombs Are Almost Too Cute To Use
Posted at 2:15 PM, Oct 07, 2021

There are hot cocoa bombs, and there are pumpkin-shaped hot cocoa bombs. But this season, let’s take warming autumn drinks to another level with pumpkin spice-flavored, pumpkin-shaped hot cocoa bombs.

Brisk, cooler fall days certainly seem more appealing when there’s a sweet and steaming mug of melting orange chocolate, pumpkin-spiced cocoa and marshmallows in your hands. That’s why you might want to check out these adorable and ample pumpkin bombs being sold on Etsy from ChocolatesUnlimited.

Delish recommended these specific pumpkin cocoa bombs (a set of 4 costs $24) due to the Etsy seller’s high rating and the number of reviews. The shop also sells breakable chocolate pumpkins and skulls that, when cracked open, contain even more chocolate pieces inside.



Another Etsy seller with high reviews is SimplyKraftsy. This shop is turning out $7 mini pumpkin cocoa bombs with 35 flavor choices including apple cinnamon cider, citrus and spice wassail, rum, and yes, pumpkin spice.

TopPopsShop has pumpkin spice latte bombs for $9 apiece and TheEclecticChic has pumpkin-spiced cocoa bombs for $6 apiece. Both shops have numerous 4- and 5-star reviews.

Boo Bombs in pumpkin, skeleton, mummy, ghost and Frankenstein shapes ship from Etsy seller SugarButtShop for $8.50-9.50 apiece — depending on whether you pick your chocolate or strawberry cocoa with the Andes mint flavor or not.


If you’re more of a coffee than cocoa drinker, JJChocolates sells a set of four ghost-shaped chocolate bombs filled with powdered creamer ($16). (But you can also get a cocoa bombs quartet of a brain, mummy, skull and pumpkin for $28.)

If you’d rather skip the messy exploding chocolate part of your fall drink, drop some little pumpkin marshmallows on top instead. Williams-Sonoma sells 6-ounce bags on its site for $9.95. Jet-Puffed sells pumpkin-shaped and pumpkin-spice flavored marshmallows as well.

What’s more your style? Cocoa bomb or straight to the marshmallows? Hot chocolate or coffee? Seems that there’s no limit to your seasonal choices on Etsy and elsewhere. Enjoy!

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