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7-Eleven Stores Now Have Tater Tot Bars With All Kinds Of Toppings

Posted at 1:30 PM, Mar 30, 2018

Oh, 7-Eleven, where would we be without you? From Slurpees to Big Gulps to a slice of pizza at 2 a.m., anyone lucky enough to have a 7-Eleven store nearby can always count on it to have just what they need when they need it most. And now, the convenience store chain’s menu is adding one of mankind’s greatest culinary creations: tater tots.

The mad geniuses at 7-Eleven just unveiled a “top-your-own-tots” bar for the Napoleon Dynamite living inside all of us!

Participating 7-Eleven locations are now offering tater tots and the ability to customize them with up to 10 nacho-like toppings, in addition to ketchup and mustard. Each store varies, but toppings you may find include chili sauce, melted cheese, pico de gallo, diced onions, sliced jalapeno peppers, green relish and pickles.

Of course, IMHO nothing beats tater tots and ranch dressing, and that’ll be there, too.

Forgive me for asking an obvious question—but why offer a tater tot bar in the first place?

“Tots are hot,” 7‑Eleven Director of Fresh Food Robin Murphy said in a press release. “They’re served up on appetizer menus at trendy bars and restaurants. You can even find tots and topping bars at weddings.”

Apparently, I’ve been going to all the wrong weddings.

The 7-Eleven tots come in small (10 tots for $1) and large (25 tots for $2) portion sizes. The company says its tots are made with 100-percent real Idaho and Oregon potatoes.

OK, that looks delicious.

The folks from 7-Eleven suggest using the tots as a side for its other menu items, like hot dogs, cheeseburgers or even breakfast sandwiches. Of course, you can also eat them all on their own.

“I think for many, they’re a guilty pleasure,” Murphy said.

What topping would you cover your tater tots with—or are you a purist who sticks with ketchup on the side?

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