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Boy rocks out on stage with the Foo Fighters

Posted at 2:38 PM, Oct 18, 2018

During a recent concert in Kansas City, Missouri, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl invited a very special guest onstage to play with the band. Grohl brought Collier Cash Rule, a 10-year-old fan, up to the stage and asked if he played guitar. Collier said that a lot of Metallica songs were in his repertoire and began playing an awesome rendition of their iconic song, “Enter Sandman.”

Grohl was immediately impressed and began clapping along. Grohl took vocals while the young fan totally crushed it on guitar. Check out the awesome performance in a clip posted to YouTube:

How cool! At the end of the performance, Grohl noted that since the tour was wrapping up, he would be happy to gift the guitar to Collier, but warned that he better not sell it on eBay. Collier’s mom said her son has been playing guitar for two years and practices daily. We’d say he has a bright future ahead of him as a musician!

Grohl has been vocal about how much he appreciates his fan base of all ages.

“First of all, I can’t believe we’re still a band [after] 20-whatever years,” he told Rolling Stone back in June. “And I can’t believe we’re playing arenas and stadiums. And that it’s gotten to this point where I look out at the audience and I don’t just see Foo Fighters T-shirts anymore. I see people in their sixties and seventies. I see kids that are 10 years old, teenagers, and it seems to me that when we come to town, people hear there’s a rock show and they just come on out. So we’ve gotten to the point where I think that we represent something . . . um . . . general [laughs]. You know?”

This is not the first time Grohl has invited a tween to perform with him either. He frequently performs with his daughters, Violet and Harper. Here he is performing an Adele cover with Violet:

How awesome! We’re so glad that Grohl is invested in the next generation of rock stars.

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