Coffee in a cone is the latest craze

Posted at 10:20 PM, Nov 26, 2016
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"Coffee in a cone” is exactly as it sounds: Piping hot coffee (in cappuccino, espresso or macchiato form) in a chocolate-lined waffle cone.

Not a coffee person? Don’t worry, hot chocolate works just as well.

Dayne Levinrad of The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa, came up with the drink—or should we say dessert? — in January.

“I wanted to create something that people could come and drink, eat and enjoy with no waste,” Levinrad said in this video about the cone. “It’s fully sustainable.” Sustainable chocolate and coffee?! We’re in!

This is Levinrad, the man behind this caffeinated dream.

Ever since it was created, #coffeeinacone has been taking over Instagram and social media.

The company’s website even refers to it as “the world’s most Instagrammable coffee.” And rightfully so. When you look at a picture of it, what’s not to love? The coffee? The cone? The ability to consume them both at once? Yum.

(Did you see all those likes?!)

But how does the chocolate lining not melt? It’s actually a chocolate compound made from various kinds of cacao, the company states. And four layers of the compound are added to each cone.

There is a bit of a time crunch though—you have 10 minutes to drink it before the chocolate melts. This is a challenge we definitely accept.

We know what you’re thinking: How can I make my own Coffee In A Cone? If you can’t get to Johannesburg, here are some tips on how to DIY.

1. Prep Your Drink

This is where you decide what you will make to fill your cone—latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate—you can’t go wrong.

2. Make Your Cones


If you really want to try your hand at making homemade waffle cones, Williams-Sonoma has a great recipe. First, you need a waffle cone maker. Then, you just need the usual waffle-making ingredients, like butter and eggs. The secret, though, is doing one key thing—putting a very small amount of batter onto the waffle cone maker. After a minute, you check on the waffle cone, but whatever you do, don’t cook it for more than two minutes.

Once you remove it from the heat, you use the cone roller to shape the flat waffle into the cone you want. The Williams-Sonoma recipe makes approximately 10 cones. In case you’re curious, their Chef’sChoice Waffle Cone Maker will run you $49.95.

Personally, we prefer to get the cones from an ice cream shoppe, but if you have time to spare, making the waffle cones can be fun. Plus, it’ll fill your house with that incredible waffle-y scent.

3. Coat Your Cones In Chocolate

Remember, there are four layers of the chocolate compound in each cone The Grind Coffee Company uses. So, we think having enough layers of chocolate is probably pretty integral to helping your cone hold your drink for those 10 precious minutes.

If you’re the adventurous type, you can certainly try making your own chocolate-coated cones. However, even The Grind Coffee Company doesn’t make their own. Levinrad says that they get their cones delivered fresh every morning.

Culinary Envy recommends buying cones at the local ice cream or grocery store, but adding the chocolate and doing the decorating yourself.

For the chocolate, Culinary Envy melts chocolate and coconut oil together, then layers the concoction into the cones, chilling them in the fridge between coats.


4. Decorate Your Cones

Culinary Envy recommends adding rainbow sprinkles around the top.


Of course, you can decorate your cones however you’d like.

As you can see, The Grind Coffee Company keeps it simple when it comes to decorating theirs.

5. Add Your Beverage

Whether you decide to make cappuccino, hot chocolate or something more adventurous, now’s the time to pour it into the cone. (And we hope you’ve been perfecting your heart-drawing! Hint: A toothpick helps!)

Culinary Envy fills cones with milk for kids while adults enjoy coffee cones—genius!

The Grind Coffee Company makes a Baby Grind Cone for kids too. Awwww.

So here’s to you and your Coffee-In-A-Cone experience.

Let us know if you have tried to make these cones yourself—and be sure to share your tips!


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