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Try this cookie dough frosting recipe

Posted at 8:13 AM, Jul 06, 2017

Good news, everyone. You can have your cookie and your cake and you can eat them both, all thanks to this recipe for cookie dough frosting.

Whether another parent has already signed up to bring cookies to the latest school function, or whether you just happen to be craving two desserts at once, there are plenty of reasons why you’d want to combine all the best parts of ooey gooey cookie dough with, say, chocolate cake, aren’t there?

Amanda Rettke of the I Am Baker blog slightly modified a recipe from All Recipes to bring you a frosting that tastes exactly like cookie dough, but that also happens to spread easily over a cake—conveniently enough.

I Am Baker

One major difference between the two recipes is Rettke’s addition of more chocolate chips and, honestly, that’s fine by me. You can, of course, choose any kind of chocolate you’d like to complete this recipe, but Rettke recommends going with semi-sweet mini chocolate chips to keep this frosting from becoming too sweet. Once you’ve selected your chocolate, you just mix it up with the other ingredients, slowly adding them into a mixer until well combined. And there you have it—cookie dough frosting!

See the full recipe at I am Baker.

You may be inclined to eat this by the spoonful (which is safe to do), but since you’ve got frosting, you might as well have some cake, too. Choose to pair this with a simple chocolate cakeor go into full-on cookie mode and select a batter that’s also full of chocolate chips to complete the whole “cookie that’s really a cake” thing you’ve got going on.

Serve yourself a heaping glass of milk and get ready for an all new way to enjoy cookies.

And, if you happen to love the idea of eating cookie dough without, you know, raw eggs in the mixture, you can also check out this recipe for edible cookie dough.

It happens to be a personal favorite of mine.


There’s no wrong way to indulge in chocolate chip cookies. So choose your method and get baking!

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