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Pizza delivery company bakes your pie in the truck on the way to your house

Posted at 12:55 PM, May 01, 2018

Pizza chains have been using insulated delivery bags for years to make sure your food is still warm when it gets to your door. But what if your pizza could literally be straight out of the oven when it’s delivered to you?

Zume is a tech company responsible for “baked-on-the-way” technology that makes it possible for delivery vans to cook food while it’s en route to a customer. In recent years, the company has gotten into the pizza delivery business, using its unique technology.

Zume Pizza, thanks to its special delivery vans, is able to cook the pizza you order as it’s driven to your house, thereby significantly decreasing the time between the moment the pizza comes out of the oven and when it reaches your doorstep.

The company is hoping its baking style will decrease any health risks associated with more traditional food delivery methods.

According to, illness-causing bacteria can begin to grow on perishable foods in two hours unless refrigerated. So, depending on how much time passes between when you order and your food is delivered, there could be an increase in health concerns.

“I had the idea seven years ago that you could cook food while moving,” said Alex Garden, CEO and co-founder of Zume, in an interview with VentureBeat. “Food trucks can only serve people walking up to the truck. But that’s a fraction of the market. We started with the idea that if you cook food on the way, you get all of these benefits in the quality and health side of things.”

Zume recently partnered with Welbilt, a food appliance maker, to make its baked-on-the-way delivery method available for other companies.


Zume Pizza itself hopes to expand to serve 26 markets in 2018, including California cities like Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Campbell, Redwood City, San Carlos, and Belmont. Zume Pizza’s new trucks will have six ovens and be capable of producing 120 pizzas per hour, according to VentureBeat.

And the company apparently wants to expand much further than that. According to TechCrunch, Garden and his Zume co-founder Julia Collins have always wanted to become the “Amazon of food.” They’re also hoping to make this service available for much more than just pizza delivery.

Zume also uses automated robots to do the rote work of cooking and allow its people to get back to creating recipes and doing more of the fun, creative aspects.

“Automation exists to improve the quality of human lives,” Garden told Mashable. “We believe we should be leveraging automation to automate boring, dangerous, repetitive work.”

See how the company’s automation process works below.

Robots making pizza and pies baking in the truck on the way to your house? What a time to be alive!

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