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The top complaint from emoji users may be fixed soon

Posted at 10:20 AM, Jan 23, 2017
Although the latest emojis out there are far more inclusive than they used to be (hello, female construction worker and people of color), they are still lacking in one specific area: hair color. For redheads, this is a common complaint: there is still no carrot-topped emoji. But all that might be about to change.

According to an article from Glamour, this red-hot topic is up for discussion at the Unicode conference this week. A proposal from Emojipedia (otherwise known as the makers of our favorite cartoon veggies) is working to clarify how the potential addition of redheaded emojis would be handled.

It might be that a single emoji is introduced to demonstrate the redhead hair color. Or it could be that a paler skin type is added to the existing rainbow of emoji options. It is possible that emoji will let you add hair color separately of skin color (let’s not forget that not every redhead is also pale and freckly). The makers of emojis also might include a wider variety of hair colors (as a light brunette, I am all for this). Or, most significantly of all, the default blonde—or, more accurately, yellow-haired—person emoji could be changed to one with red hair.

According to the Emojipedia blog, data analysts report that the lack of redhead emojis is one of their biggest complaints. In fact, it has been the “most complained-about subject” by emoji users over the past three months. This in spite of the fact that only 1-2 percent of the entire global population is a naturally ginger… well, it seems like these redheads know how to organize.

But even if the redhead emojis are approved, we won’t see them on our phones until 2018 at the very earliest. Also, the form these gingermojis (yes? no?) might take is still up in the air. Would there be a male and female version? Would it be an option to apply it to every different type of emoji (such as the teachers, construction workers, etc.)?

And, most importantly: just how red would this redheaded emoji be? If it’s bright orange, count us out. Personally, I’m pulling for Lindsay Lohan Red—a color I once unsuccessfully attempted to dye my own hair.

Either way, this much is clear: redheads will finally be equal in our emoji eyes.

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