This floating tent lets you camp out on water

Posted at 2:56 PM, May 29, 2018
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We can always count on the beginning of summer to bring fun new trends. Glamping, the luxurious cousin of camping, brings together four-star hotel amenities with pristine natural surroundings. Meanwhile, novelty pool floats are bigger and better than ever.

Now, there’s a new option that brings these two summer trends together. What do you get when you combine glamping and pool floats? The Shoal Tent.

The Shoal Tent is a first-of-its-kind inflatable floating raft combined with a tent, which means you can finally fulfill your dream of sleeping out on the water:

Aside from its floating capabilities, the beauty of this tent is that it has no poles with which to struggle during setup — because the entire structure is inflatable! And if you’re concerned about safety, you can sleep sound. SmithFly, the company behind the floating tent, also produces tough rafts, and this particular tent uses similar technology, featuring multiple air compartments to prevent sinking. The tent is also strong enough to withstand high winds. It’s made of waterproof, heavy-duty fabric and is sealed with equally tough #8 zippers.

It also comes with a foot pump, a storage bag and a patch kit. And if you’d like, you can roll up the sides to let the fresh air in.

Once inflated, it there’s plenty of space for lounging. In fact, it has an 8-foot-by-8-foot base. That means that even if you’re as tall as 6’3″, you can still stretch out. The tent also supports up to 1,200 pounds.

Since water camping is a whole new concept, you should check with the National Parks Service or other administrative services in the areas in which you’d like to set up camp. Once you’re given the go-ahead, though, prepare for a truly unique camping experience.

All that camping freedom does have a price, however. The Shoal Tent is $1,499.

Despite the price, this new tent is already in high demand, so you’ll have to wait at least six weeks for delivery. But once it arrives, “the world is your waterbed!”

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