London company makes gingerbread replica of Downton Abbey

Posted at 2:40 PM, Nov 25, 2016
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Nothing says holiday time quite like a gingerbread house, and now London cookie company Biscuiteers has taken it to the next level, putting all other gingerbread houses to shame with their incredible creation.

You have to see what their talented crew has created — possibly the most intricate gingerbread house ever made.

The design is based on a real-life estate named Waddesdon Manor. Sound familiar? It should! The exterior is used in popular TV show “Downton Abbey” and it has also appeared in other television shows and movies as well.

Not only is the end result of the gingerbread manor amazing to behold, the video of the preparation and building is mesmerizing.

Watch it here:


I mean, look at that thing! Here is the state bedroom made out of nothing but gingerbread and icing.


And a full view of the exterior:

People are blown away by the end result:

And they say it’s making them hungry:

Others have ideas for future designs:

Can’t get enough gingerbread art? Check out some of these other amazing designs:

These babies are way too pretty to eat!

Yep, forget dessert… We want to move into these houses, not eat them!


– Our gingerbreadhouse last Christmas – ____________________________________________________

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Want to create an enviable gingerbread design but don’t think you have the skills?

Don’t worry. You can use a kit like this from Bed, Bath & Beyond. At less than $10, it’s an affordable option that will make for a fun activity to do with the kids… or with your friends over a few glasses of wine!


And, if there are any mamas-to-be out there: You can even get a custom-made gingerbread house for a gender reveal cake!


h/t: The Kitchn

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