Fans Enjoy Vintage Baseball In Nashville

Posted at 10:20 PM, May 22, 2016

Baseball sounds of a different kind filled Bicentennial Mall as the Tennessee Association of Vintage Baseball played a series of games.

Players, umpires, and fans alike took to the field Sunday in the same way they did back in 1864.

Along with dressing up in period uniforms and costumes, the game was played using 1860's rules, creating a unique baseball experience!

"So, pretty much if the ball is hit in the air and bounces off the ground and the fielder still catches it, it's an out,” said Simeon “Turtle” Garriott, of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Baseball. “We don't play with gloves."

Fans can catch vintage baseball all summer long across Middle Tennessee.

Fore more information, visit the association's website by clicking here.