Injured H.S. Player Attends Senior Night

Posted at 10:32 PM, Oct 21, 2016

A local high school student recovering from a serious head injury last fall joined his football team Friday night for senior night.

Baylor Bramble, age 18, of Siegel High school has been recovering after undergoing emergency brain surgery at Vanderbilt last October.

The former cornerback, along with his family by his side, joined his teammates and coaches on the track on Friday.

His father, David Bramble, said the past year has been emotional and the community’s support and prayers have helped his family.

“For Baylor to be here tonight is to be what doctors said couldn’t be done. So, for us, it was just further proof all that God has done, all that God is doing, and we’re excited all that God still has to do,” he said.

David said the community has been more than willing to step forward to help during Baylor’s recovery.

“We really didn’t promote anything, it’s a lot easier to be on the other side of helping, giving help than receiving. It’s kind of been different for us. They’ve done more than we could ever imagine. We’re constantly getting cards, meals for Baylor, my wife hasn’t cooked in a year,” he said.

David said Baylor has really enjoyed attending the football games.

Coach Greg Wyant said Baylor was always a part of the team even off the field.

“It's a great inspiration. It's a story that needs to be told over and over again. It's a great story of faith and a great story of belief in our God," Wyant said.

David said his family has been continuing to seek more aggressive therapy for his son. He said he hopes one day Baylor can become a part of a therapy facility that will further help his recovery.