Banners Help Spread Predators Fever

Posted at 6:00 PM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 23:07:50-04

If you were to visit downtown Nashville prior to a Predators playoff game, you would find that it was almost impossible to not feel, and see, the excitement. 

Draped along the side of buildings such as Rippy's and Tootsie's, banners encouraging people to "Stand With Us" help spread the excitement surrounding the Predators as they head into the Western Conference Finals against the Anaheim Ducks. 

"Just knowing that the city and businesses and people are supporting them is great," Larry Vanslyke, one of the people behind the banners at Lithographics, said. 

Lithographics has been working with the Nashville Predators since their inaugural season, and now they not only create the banners for the Preds, but they also create the programs for each game. 

Lithographics created 200 banners prior to the first game of the Western Conference Finals. 

"It shows your pride in supporting the Nashville Predators," Vanslyke said. "This city is on fire." 

Down at Bridgestone Arena, artists Audie Adams and Ryan Sharder were hard at work on Thursday spray painting a new "Smash Car" specific for the ducks. 



The Smash Car invites fans to smash a car painted with the opposing teams' logos prior to the games to raise money for the Nashville Predators Foundation, which means the art being created Thursday will be destroyed over the next ten days. 

"I know eventually it'll get smashed and people will enjoy, but hey, it's a tradition here now," Adams said, adding that he's happy to do anything he can to help fuel the Predators frenzy. 

The Predators have been scheduled to play on Friday and Sunday in California, and then they will return to Nashville for games on Tuesday and Thursday.