Lyft Driver Turns Car Into 'Preds Mobile'

Posted at 1:08 PM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 14:39:40-04

The quest to win the Stanley Cup Final would not be the same without the hardcore support from fans who continue to rock Smashville. 

The support could also be seen out on the roads. 

"I just decided to deck out my car and turn it into the Preds Mobile for the Stanley Cup Final," Miranda Martin, a Lyft Driver, told NewsChannel 5. 

Martin has been a full-time Lyft driver for four months. She has also been a die-hard Nashville Predators fan since the team started in 1998. 

It made sense for her to decorate her car from head-to-toe with everything Preds as soon as they won the Western Conference. 

"People are honking all the time, people are cheering, people are giving me the thumbs up," she said. "It has been really cool to see everything." 

Her orange car already sticks out but with a stickers, decals and writings on the exterior, it stands out even more. 

However, it's what is inside that exemplify how big of a fan she is.

"I have a little stuffed catfish, I have a Preds flag and even my trash can is a 'Stand With Us' cup and when I'm driving, I have a Preds playlist that I play," Martin said.

She also has an inflated Stanley Cup she would normally have on the passenger seat and countless towels and old and new jerseys.

"I think it's going to be my identity," Martin jokingly said. "Having a personality to my car makes driving so much easier. When customers get in my car they just start talking about hockey."

Martin has claimed her car to be the "Preds Mobile" and encouraged customers to use #PredsMobile on social media. 

The project cost her three days worth of Lyft driving.