Peyton Manning's funniest commercials and Saturday Night Live skits

Posted at 9:24 AM, Mar 07, 2016

From Saturday Night Live to commercials, Peyton Manning has proved over and over that humor is as much one of his talents as football. 

As No. 18 retires from the NFL, we revisit some of his best sketches -- and hope Peyton keeps them coming.

Peyton and Eli rap 'Football on Your Phone'

Meatloaf Lover's Car

Peyton bullies young football players in United Way sketch

The SNL locker room dance

Peyton's Nationwide compilation: Ping pong fail, breaking the Christmas lights, Thanksgiving naps


Manning loves himself, for Sprint

2010 ESPYS: The Darkside

Mastercard: Don't choke on it, Peyton

Peyton cheers for the Average Joe

Eli and Peyton: Football cops

Peyton Manning explains how to throw a touchdown

Cut that meat!


Chicken Parm -- obviously


Oreo: DSRL