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7 Ways to Keep Your Family Organized

Posted at 11:45 AM, Sep 03, 2021
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Parenting and lifestyle expert Lindsay Pinchuk showed ways families can get organized and stay that way. Follow @LindsayPinchuk on Instagram.

Ways To Keep Your Family Organized

TIP #1: Take care of yourself first. Like the saying to put on your oxygen mask first, make sure you get yourself organized so that you can help the rest of your family.

1. Before you go to bed, review the next day’s schedule for yourself and your kids so that you know what is going on. No surprises!

2. Arrange your schedule so that you are up and ready before your kids. Set your alarm and wake up a bit earlier. Take 15 minutes to get yourself ready so you're good to go and can get your kids ready without scrambling.

Tip #2: Keep a calendar and make sure you fill it in! Sit down the last week of the month and make sure what you know is filled in. Depending on the type of person you are, it can be electronic or paper, whatever works for you and is a method you will use. Some of my favorites are:

1. Cozi App

2. Mom Agenda Calendar

3. Erin Condren Schedule Pad

Tip #3: Have your kids packed and ready to go for their activities before the week starts. Keep a bag packed for each activity so that it is ready to go--make sure they have everything they need: special shoes, equipment, etc. When your kid completes the activity for the week make sure anything gets washed and put back in the bag. I love these Just About Dyed Personalized bags [], the drawstring cinch backpack, $28 and beachcomber bag, $48 (made out of sweatshirt fleece) can be customized with colors, name and design.

Tip #4: REVIEW the papers daily! Make it part of your daily routine to take the papers out of your kid’s bag, review them and throw things away that you don’t need. For school projects that you want to keep, create a folder for each child and then use, [] this app will turn your child's work into a keepsake book at the end of the year. At this same time, go through the mail and do the same. Recycle and toss what isn’t needed and make sure to take care of the things that do.

Tip #5: Keep a permanent donation bin in your house. Either in your mudroom or laundry room or even in the vestibule or garage. Once it is filled, take it to the nearest Good Will or Salvation Army.

Tip #6: Plan ahead!

1. Pack lunches at night/before bedtime so that you are not scrambling in the morning. Better yet, have your kids help pack the lunches when you are doing dinner.

2. On Sundays: meal plan for the week AND cut up fruits and veggies so they are ready to go for the week for snacks, lunches etc.

3. Keep some gifts on hand so that you don’t have to worry about running out before any birthday parties or celebrations. Keep a couple gift cards, or I order some of our favorite gifts in bulk and have them ready to go.

Tip #7: Get you kids involved! This shouldn’t only be on you! Where appropriate enlist their help and have them bear some of the responsibility to get themselves or their things ready. Build it into your routine for the week.

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