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Ice Cream Breakfast Parfait

Posted at 11:37 AM, Jan 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-30 12:37:16-05

Claire Crowell from Hattie Jane’s Creamery made an Ice Cream Breakfast Parfait. Saturday, February 4 is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. In honor of the occasion, Hattie Jane's Creameries around Middle Tennessee are celebrating with new breakfast-inspired flavors, including Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll, Biscuits & Strawberry Jam, Maple Bacon Crunch and Granola & Blueberries (gluten & dairy-free). Wear your pajamas for the Pajama Party from 10am-2pm and receive 15% off your purchase! For a list of locations visit


  • ½ cup cinnamon roll pieces
  • 1 large scoop of Mulekick Coffee ice cream
  • ¼ cup pecans
  • caramel sauce
  • whipped cream
  • ¼ cup bacon brittle crumbs


  1. Build your parfait from the bottom up! Start off with a handful of cinnamon roll crumbles to coat the bottom of your cup.
  2. Then add a large scoop of Hattie Jane's Mulekick Coffee ice cream.
  3. Layer a small handful of pecans over the ice cream.
  4. Drizzle caramel sauce to your liking.
  5. Top it off with a swirl of whipped cream and a dusting of bacon brittle crumbs.
  6. Add a spoon and enjoy!