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Keto Tuna Bowl from Pokéworks

Posted at 11:50 AM, Jan 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-11 12:50:32-05

Pokeworks owner Raj Chhina made Keto Tuna Poke. You can visit Pokeworks at 416 11th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203 or log on at  

Keto Tuna Bowl Recipe

First start off with a base.

This can be white rice, brown rice, various lettuce options, kale noodles and burritos.

In this recipe, we went with mixed greens and cauliflower rice which is our low carb option.

After that add your proteins.

This can be salmon, tuna, chicken shrimp and tofu.

In this bowl we went with tuna which is rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Then add in all of your mix ins.

This can be:

· cucumbers,

· Blanched kale

· Cilantro

· And hijiki seaweed

After that add your flavor

With this bowl we went with Serrano aioli ( secret sauce)

We make this in house with all fresh ingredients.

It’s a very refreshing flavor with a bit of kick to it.

Once we have all of that mix it all together.

Then add your toppings.

For this bowl start with:

· Avocado

· Surimi salad

· Pickled ginger

Then we top it off with a little bit of crunch.

· sesame seeds

· shredded nori