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Kids & Screen Time

Posted at 12:08 PM, Mar 02, 2021

Stacy Jagger talked about unhealthy and healthy screen time for kids. Stacy recommends the GABB wireless as a better option for a smart phone for young children. It is available at You can use Promo Code MUSICCITY and get a discount. To hire a watchdog (parental control app) and utilize a tech health coach to make sure all screens in your home are clean, Stacy recommends Protect Young Eyes, Circle App, Bark, Net Nanny, Teen Safe and Our Pact. If your child’s behavior or anxiety is of concern and your family is ready for a reset, sign up for the 30 Day Blackout Challenge at and look for Stacy’s book 30 Day Blackout: How to Help Your Kids Turn Off the Screen and Turn to Their Family at